German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix

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German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix. Both are very strong and powerful in their own right. I lost him to cruel people in the area, as that was back in russia.

11 Dangerously Fluffy German Shepherd Mixes
11 Dangerously Fluffy German Shepherd Mixes from

Foxy is an 11 yr old beautiful very large white shepard/newfoundland mix in need of immediate home due to her human mommy has passed away from cancer. These dogs have a life expectancy of approximately 10 years. This newfoundland and german shepherd mix is a patient, loving and gentle giant.

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The german shepherd newfoundland mix is a mixed dog breed between the german shepherd and the newfoundland. They are also known as gentle giants. These are two very unique breeds.

Newfoundlands Are Classed As A Giant Breed Of Dog, Given This, They Are Fairly Heavy In Their Weight.

Husky were originally bred in northern russia for. Weighing between 20 and 50lbs this mix will usually make a medium sized, short coated dog. Newfoundland dogs are very good swimmers and excel in rescue with their webbed feet aiding the swimming and muscular strength.

In A Mixed Breed, You Can Get Any Mix Of Characteristics In The Parent Breeds.

The newfoundland german shepherd mix is one of the most beautiful and intelligent dog breeds. If you are unable to find your german shepherd dog puppy in our puppy for sale or dog for sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of german shepherd dog dogs for adoption. Also called a ‘new shep’ & the ‘newfie shepherd’, it is a designer dog, specifically bred for desirable qualities of two different parents.

Both Are Very Strong And Powerful In Their Own Right.

They are also playful and patient with young children as well as tolerant of other animals in the household. Among the best traits of the german shepherd newfoundland mix is that they are incredibly sweet and affectionate with their family. 11, 2011 he weighs 36 pounds.

Care Needs To Be Taken With Training And Socialization Due To The Size Of Both Breeds, And The Protective Traits Of The German Shepherd.

Shedding, grooming and coat care. Lucky ee newfoundland / german shepherd mix great pets! Lancaster puppies advertises puppies for sale in pa, as well as ohio, indiana, new york and other states.

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German Shepherd Newfoundland Mix

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