German Shepherd Mix Alaskan Malamute

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German Shepherd Mix Alaskan Malamute. 22 28 inches tall 85 120 lbs lifespan. As a crossbreed, the german shepherd malamute mix is not recognized by the american kennel club (akc).

German Shepherd Malamute Mix Is This Loyal Cross Breed A
German Shepherd Malamute Mix Is This Loyal Cross Breed A from

Owners describe them as intelligent, playful, and requiring lots of activity to live a happy and healthy life. The german shepherd malamute mix or the alaskan shepherd is a muscular dog that makes a good family pet. 22 28 inches tall 85 120 lbs lifespan.

Quite A Perfect Combination Since

The german shepherd malamute mix, also known as the alaskan shepherd, is a powerfully built dog whose genetic lines go back thousands of years. You can get a better idea of what size to expect in your alaskan malamute mix puppy by asking the breeder about the other parent breed and also meeting the mother dog. The malamute german shepherd mix is the combination of the large dog breeds, alaskan malamute and german shepherd.

The Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd Mix Also Known As The Alaskan Shepherd Is A Large Wolf Like Dog That Combines The German Shepherd S Intelligence And Courage With The Strength And Imposing Build Of The Malamute.

See more ideas about malamute, shepherd, white german shepherd. As the product of crossbreeding between the alaskan malamute and german shepherd, the alaskan shepherd combines many of the best qualities of these famous working dogs. Weighing from 35 90lb and standing from 20 26 inches tall this is a medium to large dog that requires plenty of exercise and daily.

Owners Describe Them As Intelligent, Playful, And Requiring Lots Of Activity To Live A Happy And Healthy Life.

History of the alaskan shepherd This crossbreed, sometimes called as alaskan shepherd, was intended to carry packages and pull sleds. Bred to carry packages and pull sleds, breeders wanted the best of two already popular, strong purebreds.

This Mixed Breed Is A Cross Between A German Shepherd And Alaskan Malamute That Likely Originated In The Early 1900S.

22 28 inches tall 85 120 lbs lifespan. Sometimes it looks like very fluffy german shepherd, similar in color, but a bit different with the head shape. Personality and temperament of the alaskan malamute and australian shepherd mix:

This Is A Sled Dog At Its Core, Having Great Endurance And Strength, Which Was A Dog Trait Needed By Ancestral Owners In Order To Pull And Carry Heavy Objects.

German shepherd mix puppies for sale. According to the alaskan malamute club of belgium (amcb), which promotes responsible breeding of purebred mals, the breed originated in siberia and came over to alaska via the land bridge that once existed in the bering straits. 1 year 7 months old.

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