Small Quiet Dogs That Can Be Left Alone

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Small Quiet Dogs That Can Be Left Alone. The greyhound is one of the few hound breeds that can be considered quiet. They’re known for being among the dogs that don’t bark and are very placid.

20 Dogs That Can Be Left Alone Barking Royalty Dog
20 Dogs That Can Be Left Alone Barking Royalty Dog from

Originally bred to hunt small game, the basenji from congo now makes fun, loving house companions. However, they do require occasions to stretch their legs and run. Whether you go for a miniature or regular model, a schnauzer makes for an excellent watchdog that can be left alone for a while.

This Dog Is A Great Choice For Those Living In Flats And Who Are Away Most Of The Time.

You can read our article about labradors being an inside or outside dog. The downside is that they can be quite stubborn when they don’t want to do something. While they often enjoy zoomies when they are out on a walk;

The Maltese Is A Small Breed That Can Stay Home Alone.

The miniature schnauzer, however, is a smaller dog that many owners have been able to leave at home while they work without any issues. French bulldogs may tolerate staying home alone for a few hours at a time, but their social nature means they’ll crave attention and activity to break up the day. This fluffy dog is small and independent, which comes about in a few different ways.

These Canines Can Be Safely Left Alone For A Long Time, But You Must Give Them Something To Stay Occupied.

Maltese is a great companion dog and even in their senior years, they have that puppy energy. There is an argument that bigger dog breeds can be more resilient outside. Although the varieties mentioned above are pretty independent and have little fear of being abandoned, you want to minimize the time you stay away.

Small, Sassy, And Confident, The Chihuahua May Be The Smallest Canine Breed But It Is Not Lacking In Spunk.

This small size dog is known for its fluffy personality and cute appearance. Without further ado, let’s get to know more about the nine quiet apartment dogs that can be left alone. However, they do require occasions to stretch their legs and run.

Miniature Schnauzers Are Intelligent Little Dogs That Also Double As Noisy Guard Dogs.

Although they need a moderate amount of exercise, most greyhounds are easygoing couch potatoes. They were originally bred in tibet to be watchdogs for the palaces and monasteries in their mountainous homeland. It also is an alert watchdog, ready to let you know when there’s someone at the door.