German Shepherd White Line

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German Shepherd White Line. Introduction of white coat recessive gene Because producing the white color requires two copies of a recessive gene, whites don’t typically appear in a litter unless breeders specifically breed for them.

Berger Blanc Swiss dog Dogs, White german shepherd, Animals
Berger Blanc Swiss dog Dogs, White german shepherd, Animals from

They generally have a calmer temperament and have a lower work drive. However, they are not as common as black & tan among show lines or sable and solid black among working lines. White german shepherds are not quite as rare as other coat colors like liver or blue.

She Has A Stocky Frame, Smooth Coat,.

They are 8 weeks old & were born on october 19th! They’re also better at socializing with other members of the family rather than bonding with just one person (i.e. White german shepherds are not allowed to show, nor are dogs without predominantly black noses.

Separate Registries Have Established A Community For The White German Shepherd Whereby Owners Can Show Against Their Peers Just Like Comparable Conformation Contests In The Akc.

Akc bunny fitzgerald is the best example of a traditional german shepherd. The white german shepherd is genetically no different than a standard german shepherd, although it does have a fluffy white coat. Pure bred white german shepherd puppies available!

White Color Should Only Be On White Shepherd Dogs.

She is also extremely agile & fast, her puppies will do well in agility competitions, are great companions and great at home protection. She is smaller, very intelligent, sweet, loving & obedient. Read the standard for the breed.

Good Show Line German Shepherds Have A Much Larger Body Than Working Line Ones And Are Also Broader In The Head With Powerfully Angled Hindquarters.

This german shepherd breed looks more similar to a sleek white wolf. Our white german shepherds are a direct lineage from the line of roy rogers dog; German shepherd dog information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the akc breed standard.

White German Shepherds Are Not Quite As Rare As Other Coat Colors Like Liver Or Blue.

Working lines german shepherds are preferably to have double coat medium in length for more tolerance in climate. German shepherd puppies for sale. We are in bicol region philippines.

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