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German Shepherd Dog Information. They are also not lazy which makes them useful for purposes other than cuddling. The old german shepherd dog has existed on german farms for many hundreds of years where it has diligently worked alongside farmers, their livestock, and flocks.

German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Alsatian Breed info, images
German Shepherd Dog (GSD) Alsatian Breed info, images from

They have a high learning ability. The dog is protective and loving at the same time. Females are generally 22 to 24 inches high, weighing between 50 to 70 lbs.

Temperament And Behavior There Is A Reason Why German Shepherds Are Used In The Military, Police, And Even As Guide Dogs.

The first guide dogs were german shepherd dogs. When working, the german shepherd is alert and eager, adapting well to new tasks. Females are generally 22 to 24 inches high, weighing between 50 to 70 lbs.

This Is The Reason It Makes The Great Choice To Choose German Shepherd For Adoption By Families With Children.

The german shepherd dog is confident and fearless, willing to be approached, yet a certain level of aloofness towards strangers is acceptable. German shepherd is the 3 rd most intelligent breed of dog which makes them available for many tasks. He or she could start displaying characteristics that are seen as aggressive.

Lack Of Confidence Is A Serious Defect In The Character Of A German Shepherd.

The structure of this breed was designed. The gsd was recognized by the akc in 1908 and now has become one of the most popular breeds in the world. One of the most recognizable breeds today, german shepherds are celebrated for their impressive balance of power and grace.

Overall, German Shepherds Are Large, Robust, And Very Active Dogs That Are Both Irresistibly Cute And Intimidating.

The average male german shepherd measures about 24 to 26 inches in height and weighs from 65 to 90 lbs, depending on their build and degree of muscling. This is the first dog ever used as a guide dog for the blind. The end result was dogs that could do such things, but different significantly, both in appearance and ability, from one locality to another.

Often Used As Working Dogs, German Shepherds Are Courageous, Keen, Alert And Fearless.

There are few dog breeds whose fans don't call them “intelligent,” but in the case of the german shepherd dog, that's probably an understatement. Today, they are one of the most popular dogs in america. German shepherd dogs also known as gsds are one of the most popular dog breeds on earth.

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German Shepherd Dog Information

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