German Shepherd Black And Red

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German Shepherd Black And Red. However, these two are actually of the same color. Puppies for sale are bred primarily to be loyal family companions.

Black and Red German Shepherd Dog Photograph by Sandy Keeton
Black and Red German Shepherd Dog Photograph by Sandy Keeton from

He throws stunning poses, catching everyone’s eye. Contact us to learn about our beautiful purebred german shepherd male & female puppies. He should produce some very large, gorgeous, and very loving black and red german shepherd puppies

When Talking About Black Sable German Shepherds, We Have To Mention That There Is A Distinction Between Classic Black Sable And Recessive Black.

Othello has outstanding structure, very impressive german shepherd type, with very friendly temperament. The black and red german shepherd strongly resembles the black and tan variation. The red and black german shepherd dog is a natural protector and so adaptable and intelligent that he has performed just about every job known to dogs.

They Will Make A Great Addition To That Special Family Who Will Give Them Lots Of Love And Attention!

By far the most common german shepherd coloration is a black and tan coat. For a better experience please change your browser to chrome, firefox, opera or internet explorer. These german shepherd dogs, or gsds, are dogs with an amazing heritage that makes them extremely popular canines.

Most Of These Babies Will Have A Longer Hair Coat!

Dad is a beautiful long haired black and red boy. They have now specialized in stunning german shepherds with red and black, lovely conformation, and sweet dispositions. We specialize in imported long coat german shepherds for work, show and companionship.

This Red Pigment Is Much Stronger Than The Tan Pigment.

Black and red colored coat and its texture is absolutely hard to find. The only different is that with the tan & black variation, the pigment is lighter while with red & black gsds, the tan is darker. The 12 different colors of german shepherds are:

German Shepherd Puppies In Virginia, Little Creeks German Show Line Colors Are Black And Red, Or Black, Tan And Red.

Quality red & black german shepherd puppies for sale. This often presents with a tan chest, belly, and legs, and a black saddle with some additional black coloring on their muzzle, face, and ears. Male pick of the litter is reserved.

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