Dog Quarantine Australia

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Dog Quarantine Australia. However, since the standard quarantine stay has been reduced to 10 days, it is no longer possible to do so. (the weekly times) about mickleham quarantine station.

Dog Quarantine Australia apsgeyser
Dog Quarantine Australia apsgeyser from

Your dog or cat is not allowed to enter australia until at least 180 days after the rabies blood sample. Cats and dogs entering from overseas must first fly to melbourne and stay at least 10 days at the national quarantine facility, which costs a minimum of $2,000 per animal. The dog must arrive in australia prior to the expiration date of the import permit and in the port in the state where they will undergo quarantine.

Mickleham Quarantine Station In Melbourne.

Read more about quarantine and fees. There are no exceptions to this rule. In order to protect this status, cats and dogs must undertake a period of quarantine upon arrival in australia.

Your Dog Or Cat Is Not Allowed To Enter Australia Until At Least 180 Days After The Rabies Blood Sample.

During this period, the department of agriculture and water resources will take care of your pet and manage the requirements to prepare them for release. Please use a desktop web browser to make a booking. The standard stay in quarantine for dogs and cats is 10 days.

The Length Of The Quarantine Depends On The Country Your Pet Is Travelling From And Your Pet’s Health Status.

In order to allow your dog or cat to be allowed into australia, the australian quarantine department will issue an import permit. This quarantine period allows the australian department of agriculture, water and the environment to monitor the animal's health and become aware of any disease concerns prior to the animal's release into australia. Do dogs have to go into quarantine in australia?

We Do Not Recommend You Use The Post Entry Biosecurity System On A Mobile Phone.

The length of the quarantine depends on the country your pet is travelling from and your pet’s health status. Cats and dogs must undergo a quarantine period in australia. Quarantine information upon your arrival in australia, your pet will immediately be taken to the quarantine facility.

This Is The Minimum Period;

It was possible to visit your pet during their quarantine stay in australia when the standard quarantine stay was longer. This is not only great news for your pooch, but great news for your wallet! The less good news is that, unfortunately, you are not able to visit your pet during the quarantine period.

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