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Best Family Dogs Guard. Though smaller than some of the other guard dogs, appenzeller sennenhunds still make a great guard dog pick due to their agility and energy. The best guard dogs are not just the ones who keep your family safe from intruders, but the breeds that naturally fit into your home and will play an important role in your child’s protection and enjoyment.

5 Best Family Guard Dog Breeds in the World to Consider
5 Best Family Guard Dog Breeds in the World to Consider from

Since that’s what they were bred for, akitas are first and foremost protection animals. They are both menacing in their appearance, and loving in their nature, but will respond to a command on any moments notice. However, one must note the same traits make them unbelievable pets.

It Needs Strict Training, Mental & Physical Encouragement.

Rottweilers can be trained to be extremely effective guard dogs for families. Historically, this tibetan guard dog protected caravans of people and herds in the himalayas against wolves and snow leopards. The breed is very powerful and strong by personality.

Possession Is Restricted In Some Countries As A Dangerous Breed.

Dogs have qualities that make them violent protectors. So, if your family is away from home most of the time, this dog may not be a good choice for you. 10 best guard dogs for families bernese mountain dog.

Traits That Make Them Exceptional At Guarding Houses And Families.

This breed also is loyal and eager to please. They will put their lives at stake for their family's safety, making them one of the world's best guard dogs. This breed is fast, strong, and powerful;

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Is Brave, Intelligent, And Independent.

Here's akc's list of the best guard dog breeds. A high energy but friendly dog, the boxer would be perfect for families with older kids that are very active. However, one must note the same traits make them unbelievable pets.

The Belgian Malinois Is A Popular Choice For A Security Dog Due To Its Confidence, Intelligence And Loyalty.

For anyone with a little experience and lots of time, love, and patience, a great dane makes a versatile addition to the home, and these dogs will provide plenty of protection on the basis of their appearance alone. This breed has a calm, cool, and collected temperament. The dominant and loyal one, giant schnauzers is an energetic breed dog that starves company and is quick to support its humans.

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