German Shepherd Husky Mix 1 Year Old

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German Shepherd Husky Mix 1 Year Old. He is one of the best dogs we have ever had. Chico the alaskan husky / german shepherd mix (shown here at 1 year old) was adopted from an animal rescue league.

Our new dog, Cali! She's an almost one year old German
Our new dog, Cali! She's an almost one year old German from

Unfortunately i have to find her a better family who has the time and energy she deserves. My german shepherd/husky mix is 11 1/2 years old and he recently began having cysts come up on his body. He is very protective and guards us well.

Can Send Pictures Upon Request Please Email Me If Interested Rehoming Fee Does Apply To Make Sure He.

Gerberian shepskies that have stronger german shepherd traits will likely be the ones easier to train, and those that demonstrate stronger husky traits will be harder to train. Adoption on average costs $50 to $150, but you will need to check your local adoption agency. This is because german shepherds love to follow commands, be trained, and appease their owners, whereas huskies are typically rather stubborn and defiant most of the time.

The German Shepherd Beagle Mix May Be A Little More Challenging To Train Than A Herding Breed, But Can Still Make A Great Pet.

It is usually intelligent, loyal, and active. He is 3 months old now, and it appears the bottom half of his ears have gone up, but not the rest. He is quite the hunter as well.

He Absolutely Loves The Snow, He Loves His Toys, But Most Of All He Loves His People.

Hank, aka hankeedoodle the german shepherd / husky mix breed dog at 1 year old— i didn't know much about him got him from the animal shelter. The german shepherd husky mix is a striking blend of german shepherd and siberian husky. Here is my german shepherd/husky mix.

Charlie Is At The Age Where She Has Quite A Bit Of Energy.

Her sassy attitude could definitely be the husky. He senses if a person is good or evil and if they are evil he will defend and attack. She is good inside and outside, get along well with other dogs.

When He Was About Three Years Old He Had A Large One Come Up On His Tail And It Was Drained Several Times Until It Went Away.

Qr code link to this post. I know some mixes have the ears already up due to more husky in them, but this little guy is. If interested text me show.

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