German Shepherd Puppy White

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German Shepherd Puppy White. In the first half of the twentieth century, german cavalry officer max von stephanitz, created the german shepherd dog using a variety of german sheepdogs as his foundation stock. Welcome to pets4you, the premier source of the finest white german shepherd breeders for over 25 years.

Friends of Fido, Dog Blog Pics of Duke, the White German
Friends of Fido, Dog Blog Pics of Duke, the White German from

While the average price of common gsd puppies is around $900 per puppy, white german shepherds are commonly sold at $1,000 to $2,000 each. Some have even joined police departments! Ready for a new home.

For General Purposes, The Typical Price Range For A White German Shepherd Puppy Ranges From $700 To $1,500.

A german shepherd can have natural white patches on them as a puppy that usually disappear into adulthood. By 1 year of age, they should be at their adult height. For example, south carolina’s great white german shepherd sells its puppies for $1,400.

However, They Grow Very Quickly And Reach 50% Of Their Adult Size Normally By Around 4 Months.

Ron and trina have been country folk all of their lives, and have had german shepherds for over 20 years. Recognised by the ukc, the organization explains that the white german shepherd fell out of favour in the 20th century which led to their exclusion from most. ~akc ~white~ german shepherd puppies ~ 7401 s choctaw rd, choctaw, ok 73020, usa.

Some Have Even Joined Police Departments!

Bred for intelligence and white color, our white german shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and want to learn; Our puppies are member of families all over america. German shepherd puppy for sale.

Bred For Intelligence And White Color, Our White German Shepherd Dogs Are Highly Intelligent And Want To Learn;

Initially, color was not considered as long as the dog demonstrated working ability. White german shepherds breeders since 1972 our white german shepherd puppies are pure akc white german shepherds and have had no wolf added into their lines, even though most german shepherd breeders in other countries are adding wolf back into the bloodlines to improve on the breed. Adult dogs might get white patches due to vitiligo, health problems, natural aging, or premature aging caused by stress or genetics.

Beautiful Pure White German Shepherd Puppies Available.

German shepherd dog (gsd) shipping available: Shepherds who happen to be white the very popular breed that we call a german shepherd comes in a variety of colors, including white. #whitegermanshepherdpuppy #puppytreat #bellatrixvspigsear #cutepuppy #puppyplaying #viralvideo #viral #blowthisup #wgsd #whitegermanshepherd #puppy #puppybar.

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